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This moment. This moment for every damn award. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I thought we’d have to wait almost all season to get a hug. This…this was amazing. The way she fell completely into him. Just let go of the world for a moment. Just the fact that they can finally seek this kind of physical comfort in each other. You know they’ve been waiting 4 years to do this. Like what Stana’s been saying about the vulnerability. Well, this right here was that and then some. This moment was a complete surprise and my absolute favorite moment of this episode.

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#how she instinctively rolls into his kiss #he probably teases her while making out #waits until that inevitable moment when she loses her control #can’t stop #just as the kissing starts to escalate he pulls back #makes her work for it #her need for more of him instantly multiplying tenfold as she chases his lips#his smug chuckle turning into a moan when she pins him to the nearest hard surface (via touchedetective)

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